Saturday, July 18, 2015


We all have our fears. Most of us are afraid of death and up towards the top of the list is a fear of madness. A fear of either going mad ourselves or being around mad people. So when we are confronted with anything bizarre or unusual we are repulsed by it. We are conditioned to think that reality is like TV land.

There is also a lot of confusion between a schizophrenic person and a psychopath. A schizophrenic is a person who may hallucinate, hear voices and have confused thinking. They make up about one percent of the population.

Whereas a psychopath will lie, cheat, steal or even rape, commit violent acts and murder, without remorse to full fill their desires. They comprise about four percent of the population.

A schizophrenic person is no more likely to be a psychopath than anyone in the general population. Not all schizophrenics are psychopaths and not all psychopaths are schizophrenics.

Most psychopaths are not even regarded as mentally ill. In fact, they may be a highly regarded business person, professional or leader. Your average garden variety psychopath has no regard for other people and may go through life causing untold damage to others without registering on the radar of criminal or mental health systems.

Most schizophrenic people are harmless and are usually more afraid of you than you are of them. They are more likely to be victims of crime as their unusual behaviour attracts bullies and others who exploit them.

Schizophrenics come in all shapes and sizes and each have their unique personality. Some are not worried by their visions, the voices or even their delusional beliefs. While others become extremely anxious, afraid and worried. Modern medicines can minimise the symptoms of schizophrenia, enabling many schizophrenic people to lead relatively normal lives. They can work, study, exercise and have normal relationships.

Schizophrenic people have been around for a long time and the history books are full of stories about people who saw visions or heard voices not of this world. The more mature you become the more accepting you become of unusual people. Schizophrenia is just another part of the rich tapestry of the human condition.

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