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Schizophrenia effects approximately one percent of the population. It can be a debilitating condition but there are ways to cope and lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. Schizophrenia is not the end of the world.

Many schizophrenics minimize or eliminate the symptoms. Schizophrenics are like anyone else. They have their stengths and weaknesses. It is possible to find contentment and enjoy your life. The following ten tips will help you beat schizophrenia.

Coping Strategies

1. Maintain social contact with family and friends. A quick talk with a friend may be all you need to get through the day. If you don’t have a lot of family or friends contact a local mental health charity and make new friends. It may help to realize that you are not the only one with a mental health problem. Anyone who has experienced mental illnes is likely to be sympathetic and understanding. They realize that it is a battle getting through some days.
2. Make a list of things you like to do. Print out the list and post it on the wall where you will see it every day. Refer to the list when you are lost for something to do. Reduce the things you don’t like to do. There are some things you cannot avoid doing so reward yourself when they are complete.

3. Observe your thoughts from time to time. Are your thoughts positive or negative? You may realize that you have fallen into the habit of negative thinking. Give yourself positive affirmations and try to think positively. Try to maintain contact with the positive people in your life.

4. If you feel lonely and isolated maybe you would like to share accommodation with a friend. You would have the privacy of your own room plus have the option to talk to a friend when you want. Sharing accommodation can reduce rent and electricity costs. It is a good idea to have your own refrigerator and do your own cooking. Sharing accommodation with strangers that do not know your condition may not be a good idea.

5. Enjoy the simple things in life and be realistic about your goals. Things like cooking and regular exercise can be enjoyable and good for your health. Have realistic expectations and know your limitations. If you set your goals too high, you may feel frustrated and dissatisfied with your life.

6. It’s nice to have a routine but if you feel you are getting into a rut, make changes to your lifestyle gradually to add a bit of variey. If you have a job try to pick something that is not too stressful. Maybe you don’t like driving through traffic and would prefer to catch a bus or train. Keeping a diary is an easy way of keeping track of how you spend your days.

7. Take and interest in your diet. If you are overweight, try to eliminate fatty foods and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating healthy foods can actually be cheaper than eating fatty or sweet takeaways. Cooking for yourself is an easy way of ensuring you eat healthy and nutricious food.

8. Try to do daily exercise, even if it is only going for a half hour walk. Start exercise slowly and gradually build it up over a number of months. Regular exercise is a natural way of feeling better and coping with stress.

9. Learning meditation can be a useful coping strategy. Meditation helps you feel more relaxed and calm. You can learn to observe your thoughts and not get caught up in them so much. Sometimes you may feeling as if your thoughts are racing at 100 mph. Meditation can help you slow down your thoughts.

10. Take your medication. If you feel that your medication is not helping get a second opinion from another doctor. Sometimes it can take a while to get the medication right so keep an open mind. You will have a better life if you take the right medicine. Medication will reduce or eliminate hallucinations and delusional thinking.

Schizophrenia can be a hard illness to live with at times but by following the ten tips in this article your life can improve. Many schizophrenics lead happy and healthy lives.

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