Saturday, July 18, 2015


Drug induced psychosis can be heaven or hell.

Drug induced psychosis is commonly caused by abusing street drugs such as cannabis, speed, ecstasy and LSD. The individual can become paranoid and delusional believing their friends have turned against them and are stealing from them. In severe cases they may believe that such things as they have spiders crawling under the skin or that they are going to die.

It is best to try and calm the situation as the person may try to harm themselves or others. Drug induced psychosis can be distressing for all concerned. In extreme cases it may be necessary to call the police and ambulance. The person may need to be hospitalised until they recover.

People usually recover from drug induced psychosis once they are no longer under the influence of the drug that is causing the problem. This usually takes place withing 24 hours.

When trying to help someone displaying severe symptoms of drug induced psychosis it is important not to aggravate the situation by confronting the person or screaming and yelling at them. Keep calm and try to use gentle persuasion to keep them safe and out of harms way.

Most of the time the symptoms of drug induced psychosis are pretty mild and can even be entertaining. This is why a lot of street drugs are referred to as “party drugs”. People believe all sorts of  delusional things. Such as they are famous, are living in a palace or they are extremely intelligent.

Street drugs are attractive to users as they offer a palace of dreams but occasionally it can turn into a nightmare for all concerned.

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