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The Best Remedies For Depression May Not Be In A Pill

I had depression for two years and was desperate for remedies that worked.
My depression was caused by a combination of work stress, financial stress and drinking too much.

In the beginning it felt like someone had thrown a wet blanket over my life and I could not kick it off. I lost all motivation and had fallen into a pattern of negative thinking. The only thing that would give me relief was to drink alcohol to put me in a more buoyant mood. As a result I was drinking alcohol during my spare time whenever I was not working.

I remember sitting or lying down in bed and counting the hours until I had to go back to work. I was new to town and had no family or friends for support.

So I made an appointment with a local doctor to get a remedy for my depression. He prescribed 20 mg. of Cipramil, a common anti-depressant medication.

What he didn’t tell me is that Cipramil was highly addictive and should not be taken with alcohol. Cipramil also has a raft of unpleasant side-effects including nausea, sexual dysfunction and headaches.

I continued to take Cipramil for the next twelve months and drink alcohol. The combination of these two drugs turned me into a zombie. I could not think my was out of my problems.

Eventually, the inevitable happened and I lost my job because of the economic downturn in 2008. Now I became unemployed, even more depressed ,had a bad drinking problem and I was addicted to Cipromil.

The next year would be one of the worst years of my life. I moved to a small coastal village and shared a house with an old drinking buddy from university days. We were drunk by lunch most days during the next twelve months and I still hadn’t found a remedy for my depression.

The only mail I got was from debt collectors, banks and finance companies chasing money I owed to them. I remember letting the mail pile up for six months, unopened. I could not bear the constant stream of letters which had become a form of mental torture. I had frequent thoughts of suicide.

Finally, An Old Man Told Me The Best Remedies For Depression.

By chance, I met an old retired builder who told me the secrets for overcoming my depression. He was also a healer who had experienced depression himself, during his life.

He advised to get my drinking under control as the wine was only making my more depressed. Throw those pills your taking in the bin, was the next thing he advised. Also, get plenty of exercise and watch your diet, eat healthy.

The other thing I knew I had to do was get rid of the causes of my depression. I my case it was financial stress.

So I followed his advice and drank light beer instead of wine and stopped drinking during the day.
I was overweight so getting plenty of exercise was made a priority. I went for half hour walks at first and built the time up to a full day of walking over the next three months. 

Bicycle riding was the other form of exercise I focused on. I did the same thing. Half hour rides at first then increasing the time to full day rides over a three month period. I lost 28 lb. in the first three months of exercising.

Getting rid of the Cipramil pills was easy to do. They had only turned me into a zombie.
As far as diet was concerned, the first thing I did was stop eating junk food. I cooked one main meal a day and had a few snacks to stave away the hunger pains.

The only thing I had left to do was get rid of the causes of my depression. I wasn’t able to find the money I owed but I knew the worst thing they could do was bankrupt me. I was already broke so it wouldn’t make any difference. 

Now, I operate on a cash basis only and my finances have improved.
So that’s it. My depression left me withing three months of implementing these remedies.

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