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Psychosis can be distressing for the individual concerned. Symptoms of psychosis are easy to spot if you know what you are looking for and can indicate that medical treatment is necessary. Fortunately modern treatments lead to a high recovery rate.

Psychosis can be distressing for the individual concerned and their behavior may alarm friends and relatives. Early medical intervention may be needed to care for the individual and give them oppropriate treatment.

 What To Look For

Psychosis symptoms may be displayed by people with mental illness. People with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression may suffer from psychosis from time to time. Alcoholics and substance abusers can also suffer from the symptoms of psychosis.

Hallucinations and delusions are the most common psychotic symptoms. Hallucinations are visions or voices that only the individual can see or hear. Delusions are false beliefs. For example, a belief that everyone knows your business or you are being followed or spied upon. Thoughts may also become disorganised and erratic.

People with psychosis are usually more frightened of others than you are of them. Their hallucinations and delusions may cause them to become anxious and agitated. They need to be approached with calmness and caution. 

Do not escalate the situation by arguing with them or threatening them. A person with psychosis is more likely to harm themselves than harm others.

Leaving them alone to watch TV for extended periods is not a good idea.

Fortunately, psychosis can be treated with anti-psychotic medicines. While they don’t cure mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar order, they can lessen or eliminate hallucinations and delusions.

Cognitive Behaviour therapy and Social therapies can also be used to aid recovery. It is a bonus if the psychotic individual has the full support of family and friends.

Electro convulsive therapy or ECT may used to treat psychosis as a last resort when other treatments fail. This is a controversal treatment as many people do not like the idea of it. It is common for this treatment to cause memory loss which is an unwanted side effect.

Symptoms of psychosis can strike anyone no matter what age, sex, race or intelligence. With the right approach and medical treatment, psychosis has a high rate of recovery.


I recently read a post on Facebook about an interview with a Rhawandan refugee who had escaped the genocide in Rhawanda.
He said after the genocide western mental health workers were called in to help.
The only problem was there was no mention of the people participating in outdoor activities and using the healing energies of the sun to help them recover.
There was no mention of the people drumming and dancing to get the blood flowing again.
There was no mention of the tribe gathering and singing and telling jokes. In order to lift everyones spirits.
All the western mental health workers wanted to do was sit in dingy rooms and discuss all the bad things that had happened.
The refugee said, “We had to ask them to leave”


Drug induced psychosis can be heaven or hell.

Drug induced psychosis is commonly caused by abusing street drugs such as cannabis, speed, ecstasy and LSD. The individual can become paranoid and delusional believing their friends have turned against them and are stealing from them. In severe cases they may believe that such things as they have spiders crawling under the skin or that they are going to die.

It is best to try and calm the situation as the person may try to harm themselves or others. Drug induced psychosis can be distressing for all concerned. In extreme cases it may be necessary to call the police and ambulance. The person may need to be hospitalised until they recover.

People usually recover from drug induced psychosis once they are no longer under the influence of the drug that is causing the problem. This usually takes place withing 24 hours.

When trying to help someone displaying severe symptoms of drug induced psychosis it is important not to aggravate the situation by confronting the person or screaming and yelling at them. Keep calm and try to use gentle persuasion to keep them safe and out of harms way.

Most of the time the symptoms of drug induced psychosis are pretty mild and can even be entertaining. This is why a lot of street drugs are referred to as “party drugs”. People believe all sorts of  delusional things. Such as they are famous, are living in a palace or they are extremely intelligent.

Street drugs are attractive to users as they offer a palace of dreams but occasionally it can turn into a nightmare for all concerned.


Positive psychology is a new field of psychology that explores ways of leading a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Why is it that some people have a more joyful life and have a greater sense of well being? Why is it that happiness for some, is achieved by setting goals while others are content drifting from day to day.

Positive psychology studies happy people and looks at the reasons why they are happy. It attempts to provide a roadmap for others to follow who seek the best of what life has to offer.

All of us experience difficulties and challenges in our lives but what separates the winners from the losers is how we respond to these difficulties and challenges. Do you know people that easily overcome obstacles? What personality traits do these people have that make them so resilient?

Positive psychology is interested in people’s strengths not just their weaknesses. It is concerned with helping people reach their full potential not just healing mental illness.

Happy people tend to have better relationships, earn more and live longer.

When we examine the reasons why some individuals have more joy in their lives there are five important areas of focus.

  • Flow is achieved when we are engaged in activities that give us peak experiences. It could be snowboarding, giving a successful sales presentation or travelling to a new unexplored destination.
  • Positive relationships are crucial in our lives. People with a strong network of positive relationships with others tend to by happier.
  • Positive emotions play an important role in our sense of wellbeing. Having a high proportion positive emotions in our day can improve our mental health.
  • Character strengths, we all have strengths and weaknesses. Positive psychology helps us identify our strengths and use them to our greatest advantage.
  • A meaningful life. This will vary greatly from one individual to another. For a younger person it may mean a life full of physical activity while an older person may prefer a more restful and contemplative life.

So whether your a parent, a coach or an employer, the field of positive psychology can greatly improve your enjoyment of life and give you the skills and knowledge you need to pass on to others you want to help.
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The Best Remedies For Depression May Not Be In A Pill

I had depression for two years and was desperate for remedies that worked.
My depression was caused by a combination of work stress, financial stress and drinking too much.

In the beginning it felt like someone had thrown a wet blanket over my life and I could not kick it off. I lost all motivation and had fallen into a pattern of negative thinking. The only thing that would give me relief was to drink alcohol to put me in a more buoyant mood. As a result I was drinking alcohol during my spare time whenever I was not working.

I remember sitting or lying down in bed and counting the hours until I had to go back to work. I was new to town and had no family or friends for support.

So I made an appointment with a local doctor to get a remedy for my depression. He prescribed 20 mg. of Cipramil, a common anti-depressant medication.

What he didn’t tell me is that Cipramil was highly addictive and should not be taken with alcohol. Cipramil also has a raft of unpleasant side-effects including nausea, sexual dysfunction and headaches.

I continued to take Cipramil for the next twelve months and drink alcohol. The combination of these two drugs turned me into a zombie. I could not think my was out of my problems.

Eventually, the inevitable happened and I lost my job because of the economic downturn in 2008. Now I became unemployed, even more depressed ,had a bad drinking problem and I was addicted to Cipromil.

The next year would be one of the worst years of my life. I moved to a small coastal village and shared a house with an old drinking buddy from university days. We were drunk by lunch most days during the next twelve months and I still hadn’t found a remedy for my depression.

The only mail I got was from debt collectors, banks and finance companies chasing money I owed to them. I remember letting the mail pile up for six months, unopened. I could not bear the constant stream of letters which had become a form of mental torture. I had frequent thoughts of suicide.

Finally, An Old Man Told Me The Best Remedies For Depression.

By chance, I met an old retired builder who told me the secrets for overcoming my depression. He was also a healer who had experienced depression himself, during his life.

He advised to get my drinking under control as the wine was only making my more depressed. Throw those pills your taking in the bin, was the next thing he advised. Also, get plenty of exercise and watch your diet, eat healthy.

The other thing I knew I had to do was get rid of the causes of my depression. I my case it was financial stress.

So I followed his advice and drank light beer instead of wine and stopped drinking during the day.
I was overweight so getting plenty of exercise was made a priority. I went for half hour walks at first and built the time up to a full day of walking over the next three months. 

Bicycle riding was the other form of exercise I focused on. I did the same thing. Half hour rides at first then increasing the time to full day rides over a three month period. I lost 28 lb. in the first three months of exercising.

Getting rid of the Cipramil pills was easy to do. They had only turned me into a zombie.
As far as diet was concerned, the first thing I did was stop eating junk food. I cooked one main meal a day and had a few snacks to stave away the hunger pains.

The only thing I had left to do was get rid of the causes of my depression. I wasn’t able to find the money I owed but I knew the worst thing they could do was bankrupt me. I was already broke so it wouldn’t make any difference. 

Now, I operate on a cash basis only and my finances have improved.
So that’s it. My depression left me withing three months of implementing these remedies.


Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder most commonly associated with thought processes and emotional reactivity. The condition is characterized by unusual thoughts, behavior and emotions.

Normally, the dissolution of the thought processes and emotional reactivity is evident in the form of paranoia, bizarre delusions, auditory hallucinations and disorganized speech and thinking. These symptoms are often followed by a dysfunction in social and economic aspects.

Although children aged 14 or less, may be affected by this mental disorder, schizophrenia usually starts between the ages of 15 and 25. The first signs may be divided into several groups, namely, physical symptoms, behaviors, emotions and mood, cognitive impairment, as well as delusions and hallucinations.

Physical symptoms
The first physical symptoms include unusual postures or gestures, awkward gait, clumsiness, difficulty sleeping ( or sleep or excessive), accelerated motion, slow motion, oversensitivity (particularly bright lights or loud noises) , involuntary movements of the tongue and mouth, the symptoms of Parkinson (such as jerky movements of the arm, stiffness).

 Other physical symptoms include blank facial expression, inability to express emotions through the face and a tendency to stare without blinking, while engaged in deep thought.
People with schizophrenia tend to refrain from social activities and have difficulty building or maintaining relationships, neglecting self-care (eg, clothing, hygiene, appearance), have excessive preoccupation with spiritual or religious activities, abuse drugs and alcohol, repeat aloud conversations (ie, talk to themselves) and smoke (although many non-smokers with schizophrenia as well). They have difficulty to deal with minor problems or difficult situations and may not participate in meaningful activities.

Feelings and mood 
Schizophrenia affects emotions and moods. Early signs include the inability to experience pleasure in doing things, indifference to important issues, sensitivity to insult or criticism, sudden anger, little enthusiasm, depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, and frequent mood swings.
Cognitive Problems

The first signs of schizophrenia include cognitive problems such as ruminating thoughts (thoughts that go round and round the head), poverty of speech (speaking very little), thought blocking, lack of insight, strange language, difficulty expressing thoughts.

Delusions and hallucinations 
Delusions are more often associated with paranoia and can manifest in many ways. People with schizophrenia may believe that their food could be poisoned or that people around them conspire to harass them. A religious person can have the delusion that he / she is a god or a prophet. Meanwhile, hallucinations are both visual and auditory.

Of course people with shcizophrenia do not display all of these symtoms all of the time. The intensity and number of symptoms will vary during the individual life.


Schizophrenia effects approximately one percent of the population. It can be a debilitating condition but there are ways to cope and lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. Schizophrenia is not the end of the world.

Many schizophrenics minimize or eliminate the symptoms. Schizophrenics are like anyone else. They have their stengths and weaknesses. It is possible to find contentment and enjoy your life. The following ten tips will help you beat schizophrenia.

Coping Strategies

1. Maintain social contact with family and friends. A quick talk with a friend may be all you need to get through the day. If you don’t have a lot of family or friends contact a local mental health charity and make new friends. It may help to realize that you are not the only one with a mental health problem. Anyone who has experienced mental illnes is likely to be sympathetic and understanding. They realize that it is a battle getting through some days.
2. Make a list of things you like to do. Print out the list and post it on the wall where you will see it every day. Refer to the list when you are lost for something to do. Reduce the things you don’t like to do. There are some things you cannot avoid doing so reward yourself when they are complete.

3. Observe your thoughts from time to time. Are your thoughts positive or negative? You may realize that you have fallen into the habit of negative thinking. Give yourself positive affirmations and try to think positively. Try to maintain contact with the positive people in your life.

4. If you feel lonely and isolated maybe you would like to share accommodation with a friend. You would have the privacy of your own room plus have the option to talk to a friend when you want. Sharing accommodation can reduce rent and electricity costs. It is a good idea to have your own refrigerator and do your own cooking. Sharing accommodation with strangers that do not know your condition may not be a good idea.

5. Enjoy the simple things in life and be realistic about your goals. Things like cooking and regular exercise can be enjoyable and good for your health. Have realistic expectations and know your limitations. If you set your goals too high, you may feel frustrated and dissatisfied with your life.

6. It’s nice to have a routine but if you feel you are getting into a rut, make changes to your lifestyle gradually to add a bit of variey. If you have a job try to pick something that is not too stressful. Maybe you don’t like driving through traffic and would prefer to catch a bus or train. Keeping a diary is an easy way of keeping track of how you spend your days.

7. Take and interest in your diet. If you are overweight, try to eliminate fatty foods and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating healthy foods can actually be cheaper than eating fatty or sweet takeaways. Cooking for yourself is an easy way of ensuring you eat healthy and nutricious food.

8. Try to do daily exercise, even if it is only going for a half hour walk. Start exercise slowly and gradually build it up over a number of months. Regular exercise is a natural way of feeling better and coping with stress.

9. Learning meditation can be a useful coping strategy. Meditation helps you feel more relaxed and calm. You can learn to observe your thoughts and not get caught up in them so much. Sometimes you may feeling as if your thoughts are racing at 100 mph. Meditation can help you slow down your thoughts.

10. Take your medication. If you feel that your medication is not helping get a second opinion from another doctor. Sometimes it can take a while to get the medication right so keep an open mind. You will have a better life if you take the right medicine. Medication will reduce or eliminate hallucinations and delusional thinking.

Schizophrenia can be a hard illness to live with at times but by following the ten tips in this article your life can improve. Many schizophrenics lead happy and healthy lives.